Free Football Playbooks

Other Tools:

Offensive Script Playsheet
An excel file you can download and use to script your plays. Also includes a sheet you can print for wristbands for the QB. A very useful tool for quickly putting together your script and gameplan.

Football Player Tracker
Use these sheets to rank and track your players. Keep track of everything from names, height, weight, speed, effort, intelligence and overall rank. A great tool for coaches who need to keep track of every player and don’t have time to draw up sheets.

Referee Hand Signals
What do all those referee hand signals mean? Now you can find out and share tem with your players.


New England Patriots Playbook 2004
This has been floating around on the internet for quite sometime now. Download your copy of the New England Patriots playbook.

Ohio State’s Offensive Playbook 2002
Grab the offensive playbook that won the national championship.

Texas West Coast Offense
A slight variation on the west coast offense.

Texas Tech No Run Offense Playbook
An attempt to illustrate the Texas Tech style offense with no run game. A very well illustrated and colorful playbook that has been circulated online for a number of years.

The Spread Wing Offense
Another great playbook that has been circulating on the internet for a while.

43 Defense with Drills
A great excel spreadsheet full of drills, defensive calls, playsheets, and plays. Must have this for your high school team.

Urban Meyer’s Spread Option Offense Playbook
This powerpoint presentation is thought to be the basic spread option offense that urban Meyer uses. It has been floating around on the internet for quite some time now. The verbage and language used is clearly Urban Meyer’s. See also his Bowling Green Playbook below. But nothing is better than our article that goes in depth into Urban Meyer’s Spread Option Offense.

Bowling Green Offensive Playbook from 2002 with Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer’s Utah Offensive Playbook

Florida Gators Steve Spurrier Offense 2000

Northwestern’s Run n Gun Offense 2000

Bubble Screen Pass Offense Playbook

Purdue’s Spread Offense Playbook

Purdue’s Spread Ace Offense Playbook