Football Times Football Times Feed. Football articles on flag football, playbooks, fantasy, and staying healthy and fit while playing football. 2011 Explaining Tim Tebow I've been watching NFL football since the mid 80s. Elway, Marino, Montana, Kelly, Favre, Brady, Manning... I've seen them all. I have never seen anything like Tim Tebow. His current run is something I have never seen before. It's simply unbelievable. Ohio State: Guide to Urban Meyer An Ohio Sate fan's guide to Urban Meyer football, teh spread option offense, and what to expect for Ohio State football under Urban Meyer in the Big Ten. Ohio State: Why Tressel Sucked Despite being a poor coach, Tressel beat up on the big ten with superior talent. A look back at how a mediocre coach won and what happened at Ohio State that led them to keep Tressel. Bad Turf Burn Probably the worse case of turf burn I have ever seen. Follow along as we treat the pain, skin damage, tissue damage, and get a full recovery with no scarring or residual defects. Everyone should know how to treat turf burn as more and more colleges and high schools are converting to turf fields. 30 Day Shred Exercise DVD beats others Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred beat out other exercise programs including P90X and Insanity. Football players, coaches, and staff can always use more exercise and weight loss resources. Find out why 30 Day Shred was the best option. Three Tight End Offensive Formation The next revolution in football may be the use of three tight end formations. Tight ends have recently become a centerpiece to many offenses with the like of Gates, Gonzalez, Crumpler, Scheffler, Witten, and others. What if a team had three such tight ends and began using them instead of wide receivers? Can you imagine defensive backs that weigh 190 pounds up against taller, 260 pound pass catching tight ends? Take a look at this revolutionary idea! Urban Meyer's Spread Option Offense Urban Meyer's spread option offense has revolutionized the college football game and is making it's way into the NFL. Find out how it all started and how to run Meyer's offense. How did the New England Patriots use his spread offense to break records? Scabs, scratches, turfburns, and abrasions Ever got turf burn? Ever caught a cleat in your calf? What do you do with those scrapes, scratches, abrasions and burns? Whether you play on turf or on grass, your players are bound to get scratched up. Breaks in skin can lead to nasty scabs that can take weeks to heal. How can you help these abrasions heal faster and stronger? Powertec's perfect home gym Every father who has dreams of his boys growing up and becoming football players at some level of the game needs to know what type of home gym to purchase or what type of equipment works best. Should you get a Crossbow or Bowflex or TotalGym or some other gimmick? We found the perfect solution. NFL Draft 2008 Chat Join us in the chat room on April 26 and 27 for draft chat! Super Prediction 2007 Ever since our inception a few years ago, we have been making Super Bowl predictions, and we have been pretty close, if not right on the money. Once again, our board sits down and take another crack at it. Find outwho will win this year's Super Bowl. Greatest quarterbacks of all time Ever wonder who were the greatest quarterbacks of all time? How do you decide who the greatest quarterback of all time is? What matters more? Statistics or championships? Montana or Elway? Find out who the greatest quarterback of all time is. New coaching tools section An entire new section is being added to our playbook section. Now you have scripts, spreadsheets, tools, charts, and other playbooks. New website review It's finally here! And what a refreshing sight it has been. The all new website has been unleashed and it is a huge upgrade. The NFL decided to bring the NFL website in-house this year, as opposed to letting CBS Sportsline run it, and it hasn't disappointed. Know thine enemy Another great fantasy football secret comes to you from the Football Times staff; know thine enemy. What does this mean and how can you use it? Preseason Nuggets Who's doing well? Who is winning the position battles? Who is losing their edge?The single best thing you can do for your fantasy team is watching preseason games, but if you don't have time, read our preseason nuggets. Find out how the preseason is going and who is doing well. Who are these guys? Every year, the fantasy Gods forget about certain players when they sit around and draw up their fantasy cheat sheets. They seem to forget about some players that we call sleepers. Find out who this year's sleepers will be and why you should draft them. Fantasy fifteen An in depth discussion of the top fifteen draft picks. Who should you pick at your draft slot? Who should the top 5 really be? Who to draft 12th? And 13th? Take a look at our top fifteen before you do your draft. Picture perfect plasma (updated) If you haven't watched football in high definition, you should. If you have been watching in 720p, you need to upgrade to 1080p. If you have been watching on your rear projection or DLP television, you need to try plasma. If you already have a plasma, you need to try the new plasmas from Panasonic. The picture is stunning and absolutely perfect. Pure perfection has not been achieved on flat panels, but these new plasmas have done it. Fantasy Football's Greatest Secret Your friends are always trying to get ahead and get the latest research. They invest in magazines, website subscriptions, and sometimes software. All in the name of geting ahead and trying to beat everyone else. You should be doing that as well, but there is one thing that will really put you over the top. One trick, one simple tip. Find out what one thing you can do to stay ahead: Fantasy football's greatest secret! 2007 NFL Draft Live Chat Due to the success of last year's draft day live chat, we have decided to bring it back this year. If you enjoy chatting with other football fanatics while the draft is going on, you will need to join us. 2007 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks It's never to early too start discussing fantasy football. In looking at quarterback performances from last year, one gets a fairly accurate and adequate picture of what is likely to happen in 2007. Very few rookies have come out and affected fantasy football in their first year, hence, they will be left out of the discussion. If after the April draft, some QBs look like they may have a fantasy impact, they will be discussed separately. Super Prediction Much has been made of the 2006 Super Bowl. Find out who our expert thinks will win the super bowl? The Bears or the Colts? Read our expert analysis and discussion and let us know if you agree. Pre-game and pre-practice meals Ever wonder what the best meal for your football team is before the big game? Or before a long practice session? What should they be eating and how often? Should they eat a high protein diet? Or should they focus on fats? Dr. Alo answers all of your questions. Spread 60 The spread offense is known for it's ability to spread out and stretch a defense down the field. You can easily use this offense to set up your run game or use it for your 2 minute drill. We've all seen Peyton Manning and Joe Montana use this at the end of games. Can't coach agility You can't coach agility! High school coaches say this all the time, but is it true? What does it mean? What is agility? How can you learn agility? How can you teach it? How can you acquire agility? Is it something you can improve? Can you learn agility? Everyone plays everything We all know the kid that was a little heavier than the rest of the kids and was put on the offensive line and told that he is a lineman. A few weeks later, the kid quits and his organized football career is over. It's hard to tell at age 9 where a kid belongs, and you don't want to turn anyone away from the game of football. In order to alleviate this problem, you should allow all the kids to play all the positions. NFL Predictions NFL analyst and fantasy football guru, Scott Carvo, takes a look at this year's NFL and announces his predictions for the final standings. Find out what Scott thinks of this year's NFL teams, who will win the NFC, the FAC, and the Super Bowl winner! Drafting 4th: Strategy and Analysis Drafting from the fourth slot has been called everything from a blessing to a curse. Find out how I drafted from the four slot and read my decision-making process along the way. See if you agree with me or not. Fake cheat sheet strategy Have you ever thought to yourself, "What if I bring a fake cheat sheet and let people use it during the draft?" Well, here is the best way to employ the fake cheat sheet strategy. 2006 Week 2 Preseason Nuggets More of our preseason nuggets. Who looks good after week 2? Who has redeemed himself? Who looks bad now? Find out what is happening with all your fantasy picks and players. If you are a fantasy football guru, or just a fan, these nuggets will be very helpful. All new Live Cheatsheet Our latest cheatsheet is now live and current. Now you can download and print our latest cheatsheet without having to wait for updates. The hottest thing to hit the fantasy football market! 2006 Preseason Nuggets Week 1 After a week of preseason, find out who looks good, who looks bad, and what is happening with all your fantasy picks and players. If you are a fantasy football guru, or just a fan, these nuggets will be very helpful Top Ranked Fantasy Players A brand new, live, always current ranking of the top ranked fantasy football players for 2006. This ranking will be updated by the minute based on news and training camp reports. The 2006 Bye Week Secret A little known bye week secret strategy is in play this year. The 2006 season marks the first time that the bye weeks will play a huge role in fantasy football results. Find out why the change, and what you can do about it. 2006 Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers Every year, fantasy managers are looking for late round quarterbacks that can start and make a huge impact. You may not end up with Manning, Palmer, or Brady this year, but who is the 2006 Carson Palmer? Find out which quarterbacks will be big in 2006. 2006 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Our staff sat around one evening and drafted for a 12 team draft. We used various software programs to help suggest players for each team and even had intense discussions at times about each pick. Tell us if you agree and feel free to discuss in our discussion forum. 2006 Fantasy Football Sleepers This year's draft, more than ever, contains so many sleepers and opportunities to draft players with amazing production that not too many other manager's are considering. Tampa 2 Defense A lot of people are wondering about the "Tampa 2" defense. How does it work? How is different than other defensive strategies and how can I use it at my level of play? Avoiding Dehydration Playing sports in the summer heat can be very dangerous and may even lead to death. Even when it doesn't lead to death, dehydration has serious consequences. Dehydration can lead to injuries and will cause you to cramp up and end your game early. Find out what steps you can take to preventing dehydration and injuries. All Times Fantasy Team 2006 This year, the Football Times Staff has put together one of the most impressive All Times Teams, a team of fantasy players that will put you in the championship game and help you win it all. Find out who we like in 2006. 2006 NFL Draft Results Who was selected in the 2006 NFL Draft and in what round? Any surprises? Do you agree with your team picks? 2006 NFL Draft Draft Day Analysis Where will you be watching the draft? Where will you go for up to the minute draft day analysis? Live conversations with experts and fans? Joing the Times in our draft day analysis! 2006 Top Fantasy Football Wide Receivers The WR position is one of the most difficult fantasy positions to evaluate, and is not a “premium” position for fantasy managers. Most managers don't begin drafting WRs until the 4th round or later. By then they have a few running backs, and maybe a QB. So who should you be looking to draft and in what order? Pain relievers and injuries So your athlete gets injured, what can you do? What can you do for pain relief? So many coaches, team physicians, and parents don't know what medications to give for pain relief. Pain relief is an essential part of the healing process. Pain relief is not just to reduce pain, but plays a crucial role in the healing and repair process. So what should you do? Sports hernias Donovan McNabb, Tom Brady, Ed McCaffrey and so many other football players have all had the “athlete hernia.” Sometimes this is called the sports hernia or athlete pubalgia. But what is a sports hernia? What can you do about it and why does it matter? What do you do, as a coach, when you think one of your players may have this? New Football Podcast Readers will soon be able to download our latest podcasts to listen to us discuss the upcoming rookie draft. 2006 NFL Draft Top 32 Prospects Wondering who the top 32 prospects are for this year's draft? Forget about mock drafts, here are the top 32 prospects ranked by talent alone, not by who may draft them. Our Draft Guru takes an in-depth look at the prospects. New Draft Guru Football Times has added a new feature to our discussion forum. We now have our own Draft Guru. Find out more! Treating hamstrings and groins Pulling a groin or hamstring is a very common sports injury (second to twisted ankle). Everyone who plays sports long enough will eventually pull a groin or tear a hamstring. Unfortunately, most coaches and trainers are treating these injuries the old fashioned (wrong) way. Find out how you should be treating these injuries. Welcome to Football Times Football Times has finally taken off and should be flying high pretty soon. Riding on the coattails of Paintball Times, we feel that we have the staff, expertise, and experience to duplicate the success of Paintball Times for football players. Find out what Football Times is all about and what you can do here! Gatorade or water? One of the most important questions that we find athletes asking is, “Gatorade or water?” Should I drink sports drinks, like Gatorade and Powerade or is water good enough to keep athletes hydrated? This debate has been raging for many years. Physicians, athletes, scientists, and coaches have been trying to answer this question for a very long time. Spread option triple option read A great play that gives the QB the option to either hand it off inside to the RB or run an option with the motioning WR. Spread option shovel pass A great option play from the spread offense that gives the QB an option to shovel pass the ball based on how the DE reacts. Spread all stretch A play that gives the QB five deep targets and really stresses defenses. Spread 96669 An spread offensive play that gives the QB various downfield options. Very tough to defend. 22 Trap Option 18 Spin This is a variation on the 18 speed, and involves a spin or counter move to freeze the defense. 18 Speed How many running backs? Ever wondered how many running backs your league should start? As fall nears and summer practice sessions are held, fantasy league commissioners begin to wonder about their league settings. One of the most important decisions is how many running backs to start in your league. Living the Fantasy Dream “So, how does it work again?” “Ok, the teams are fictitious, but are the players at least real?” “Aren’t we a little too old for this?” These are just a few of the questions fantasy football players have no doubt had to deal with over the years. Responding with anything beyond the knee-jerk “you just wouldn’t understand” is a tall task indeed. Setting up a fantasy league is easy Ever wondered how to set up your own free fantasy football league and how to get started? Find out everything you need to know on how to set up your league, what settings to chose and how you can learn fantasy football for free. The QB-RB relationship What happens when your QB goes down? Or when a QB change is made? How does that affect your RB? 3rd pick in a 12 team league So you have the 3rd pick in a 12 team league, what should you do? Here is a sample of my logic and thinking when it comes to drafting. RB-RB-RB Draft Strategy An in depth description of the RB-RB-RB draft strategy. Why it works? Should you use it in your league? Draft software review Ever wonder which software to use on draft day? Now that there are so many titles to choose from, which one should you use? Is it even worth your money? Take a look at three of the most popular titles and compare them to one another. Last Cheatsheet you'll ever need Want the end-all be-all of fantasy football cheatsheets? Want the only sheet you'll ever need? Our staff's latest projections and rankings are now available in a cheatsheet with tiers. Free August 2006 Draft Cheat Sheet Our staff has been hard at work putting together our latest cheat sheet. Check out our August 2006 edition. Free 2006 Fantasy Football Cheatsheet Have the third pick in your draft and confused about who to pick? Who is being drafted where? What do the experts think? Who should you draft? And in what order? Our July fantasy football cheatsheet is out! 34 defense Wondering what a 3-4 defense is? Do you want to know how to run it and what the various responsibilities are? Here is look at the 34 defense. 43 defense What is the 43 defense? How can you use it? What are the various responsibilities for all the players and positions? Who are Will, Mike, and Sam? I 24 fake blast 4 circle A great play that looks like a run up the middle, but ends up being a pass to the full back on a circle pattern. Rotator cuff injuries Rotator cuff injuries are very common in youth sports and on the college and professional level. Football players are especially vulnerable to rotator cuff injuries because of the motions and movements required to play football. Most people are still treating these improperly, find out how to treat these injuries. Pro 44 blast 29 pitch Here is a nice fake blast play that has become popular in the NFL and in college. You fake the blast and then pitch it to the outside. Pro 44 blast An easy play out of a pro formation to get your fullback up the middle quickly. A great running play. Flushing the QB Blitzing and rushing the QB is an art in and of itself. Knowing how to rush the QB and where to come from makes a huge difference. Line Release In flag football, everyone is an ilegible receiver, even offensive lineman. so why not use them? Double Pass Everyone likes to throw in a few trick plays. This expertly designed double pass play is a great way to keep the defense guessing. Crosses Crossing patterns are essential to any pass offense. If you need a simple crossing pass play, you need to use this. QB Sweep It's hard to run the sweep in flag football, but this version of the sweep runs itself and really throws the defense off. Boot Blast Need a nice run play with a little trickery for your flag playbook? 7 on 7 Man Defense Ever wonder how to use man defense in flag football? Has your team been getting burned? Man coverage may not be for everyone, but here's how you can best use man defense. Stud running back theory What is the stud running back theory of drafting for fantasy football? Do you know how to draft or what type of players to choose? Here is a basic draft strategy. Know your gaps Knowing the gaps in the offensive line is crucial. You can't run the ball if you don't know where you are running. Ten yards In organized football, it's easy to figure out how far you have to go to pick up ten yards. Everything is marked and it's pretty easy to do. So what if you want to use ten yards to play backyard football? How can you do that? Is it doable? Must have running game Whether you are playing backyard football or organized football, sometimes it’s easy not to see the importance of a running game. Passing is more exciting, so why run? This is usually the case in backyard football. Whether you are playing that two completions gives you a first down or ten yards, a lot of backyard players will ignore the running game. This can severely limit the offense and is not realistic. What is fantasy football? Fantasy football is a game that began in the late 1970s. The game is now played on the internet and has become extremely popular. In fact, almost anyone you talk to says they play one form of the game. The fantasy football industry is billion dollar industry and continues to grow. So what is it? Run QB, run One of the biggest threats in flag football is the running quarterback. Whether you play flag football in a fun league or in competitive college leagues, you will want to use the running quarterback. The running quarterback is the ultimate weapon. Knowing when and how to use this weapon is the key to flag football. Two completion rule Most backyard football games are played with a rule known as the two completion rule. In organized football, it's easy to know when you earn a first down, when you gain 10 yards. But in backyard football, where fields are rarely lined and there are no referees, it's hard to tell if you have gained 10 yards. So how will you know if you earned a first down? Wide receiver patterns Want to catch a pass? Don't know the know the basic patterns? Whether you want to play backyard ball or at a more organized level, you're going to need to know all the routes in the passing tree to figure out where to go. Backyard Basics What is backyard football? How can you take from the NFL and implement it in your neighborhood? Backyard football is a lot of fun, find out why. How to play? Ok, you got the gear, you got your buddies, so how on earth do you play? What gear do I need? So you want to play football, but what will you need to get started? Do you need expensive equipment? Do you need pads and a helmet? How can you and your friends get started? What is football? Ever wonder about the basics of football? When did football begin? How is it played? Where can you play? What do you need? Find out why football is America's most popular sport and get started at understanding and playing the game. Pro 28 Sweep The pro formation is one of the more popular formation used in football. Here is a nice easy sweep play to run out of the pro formation. WR Reverse In need of a touchdown because your offense is being shut down? Need a simple reverse play to use? Then try this out. I-Form Option Reverse Want to run a reverse out of the option formation? Here is a simple and effective way. I 24 Lead Looking for a simple run play that can be run to both sides? Or to more than one gap? Here is a simple run play for you from the I-Formation. I-Form Option Every high school team and many college programs use the option playbook. So what is the option play and how can you use it? WR Direct Snap Everyone loves the trick play, the reverse, the direct snap, and other trick plays. Here is one really easy trick play to use in any type of football. 7 on 7 Zone Defense Have you ever wondered what the best defense is for flag football? How can you defend against a running quarterback and a great passing game? How can you keep the entire field covered, yet still play well? How can you pressure the quarterback without allowing him to run all over?